SPC Sims merges with Sim Central

It’s been a busy year here at Sim Central. So much so that our one year anniversary came, and went, and was nearly missed by the moderator team! Throughout the year we’ve grown from 2 to 5 to 12 and now to more than 20 games affiliated with our community representing fandoms and universes across several different realms. 


This week we’re excited to welcome the SPC Sims community into the fold. You’ll have seen many of the awesome SPC Sims folks in and about Sim Central over the last several months as their owner, Stephen, stepped into a moderator role in our community. This week Stephen and his community made the decision to tie the knot with us and bring their community, and its games over to affiliate with Sim Central.


This is the first time that a community has joined us and we’re thrilled to welcome them. Those of you who aren’t already familiar with the games affiliating with us from the community should check out The Arizona and Coast Guard Investigative Service. The Fletcher, which found its origination as an affiliated game, also comes from the SPC Sims community. 


Here’s to a new year of writing together!